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Climate change is one of the most devastating problems that humanity has ever faced—and the clock is running out.


Climate change is one of the most devastating problems that humanity has ever faced—and the clock is running out.


For over 200 years, humanity has powered itself with fossil fuels like oil and coal. We’ve seen an enormous amount of development and progress—but at an incredible cost.

When burnt, fossil fuels all release carbon dioxide, which acts like a blanket around the earth.

As the amount of carbon dioxide increases, the planet warms up. 海平面上升. 极端天气变得越来越普遍. 野火带来的一系列影响, to flooding, to extreme heat and drought—become more likely and more severe.

如果我们什么都不做,这些影响将会恶化. Large swaths of the world’s population will likely migrate. 整个岛国可能会消失. The magnitude and range of impacts means that almost every human on Earth will be affected, 如果他们还没有. Low-income communities and people of color will be hit the hardest.

但改变仍然是可能的. Science suggests that we can avoid the worst impacts of 617888九五至尊娱乐变化 if we limit warming to under 2ºC. To do so, we need a much cleaner economy by mid-century or sooner. Fossil fuel companies need to stop preventing climate action. 美国领导人需要采取行动. You can help.

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Home energy efficiency improvements and efficient appliances are two of the easiest ways to lower your carbon footprint. Many states provide free assessments and tax incentives to make your home more energy efficient. 如果可以的话, you can also purchase solar panels or support renewable power programs through your electric utility—they’ll likely pay for themselves.


运输 is the leading source of US carbon emissions. 使用公共交通工具, 少开车和坐飞机, 如果你负担得起的话, 改用电动或混合动力汽车, you can do your part to cut transportation pollution.


Raising livestock accounts for roughly 15 percent of global greenhouse gases. 牛尤其有害, 因为它们的消化系统会释放甲烷, 一种强大的吸热气体.


以避免617888九五至尊娱乐变化的最坏影响, we need strong leadership and nationwide policy changes. Write and call your elected officials, participate in local meetings, and, above all, vote.

617888九五至尊娱乐告诉我们,地球正在变暖, 我们今天看到的影响已经很严重了, 我们的未来掌握在自己手中. UCS is the most effective organization I know for addressing those truths head-on."

Katharine Hayhoe, atmospheric scientist and lead author of US National Climate Assessments

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